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Clubhouse & Course News: Johann seen here on the left presenting a prize to one of the members Tony Waite.


It is with great sadness we announce that Johann Van der Merwe the General Manager and Director passed away during the night of 30th December 2016. RIP my friend you will be missed.


OUR HUGE CHARITY DAY SATURDAY 18 JUNE was an amazing success with 52 players competing for some very prestigious trophies.


Thanks to all whom helped out and to those supplying prizes for the monster raffle. Watch this space for the total raised over £1,800






Khukri Trophy


After a closely contested event, Derek Ives and Viv Walker emerged as victors with a nett score of 44, with Stephen Tunilla and Johann van der Merwe finishing as runners-up.

Derek and Viv receiving the Khukri Trophy

Winter Foursomes


The victors in the annual winter foursomes eveny were Tony Waite and Johann van der Merwe winning 1 up after running up an early lead of 4 up after nine holes. Runners up were Roy Baverstock and Carol Greenwood.



Everyone has been most complimentary and we are all chuffed to bits with the extended veranda. Our builder worked exceptionaly hard and exceeded our expectations. If you have not seen it yet you will be amazed at how it has transformed the look and improved the serving of snacks and beverages. So come up and see us sometime.



We are in the process of gradually refurbishing the ponds on the seventh and eighth holes. A lot of vegetation will be removed and they will be somewhat deeper and more importantly waterproof.  More chance to gobble up an errant shot.



We have eventually managed to find the correct type of sand to replace the builders sand that the previous owners used. This sand has proved to be of the quality and consistency required and the first load has now settled and will be topped up early in the spring. We are also planning some drainage work on two of our bunkers as soon as we can get some heavy machinery on the course.


In addition we will hopefully be carrying out some revetting work (If you don't know what this is, look it up in your dictionary) on the steep face of "old Smiler" on the first hole to stop the wash out and sand sliding off the face.  In general, this will take a considerable amount of time to complete with our small compliment of staff. To start the actual building, we will have to install some powerful lights so that we can undertake the work, under the cover of darkness. (This work is highly secretive and needs to be carried out in the dark.)


It is unfortunate that, with the advent of televised golf and expectancy of most golfers, that players should have a perfect lie and an easy shot from a bunker. History has been long forgotten, remember, a bunker was once formed by grazing sheep scraping out the ground to find shelter, and became an exposed area of sand and, ultimately, a hazard to be avoided.


The smiling bunker on the first that seems to say 'Come on if you think you can'.


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Please note that the shirt ruling also applies to ladies

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